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High Resolution Stage Back Ground LED Wall LED Screen for Church

LED Screen For Church
High Resolution Stage Back Ground LED Wall LED Screen 
for Church solutions are good for permanent&rental installation for sanctuaries

Modular LED panels offer flexibility in design
Flat&Curve both available 
Completely seamless, no seams between panels or bezels
Best in brightness, visual ease
Best in colour, definition, and contrast
Wide viewing angles and no glare
Live stream / camera ready

  • P1.953, P2.604, P3.91


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Product Description

We Know Churches

Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized church, our led screen for church are designed to highly benefit your space.  With LED screen for church, you can enhance your sanctuary experience and create backdrops that capture viewers' attention and keep them engaged.

Upgrade Your Church With an LED Video Wall

At Refresh LED, you'll find a range of led screen for church that will make it easy to deliver the brightness and clarity you've always wanted. Create a larger-than-life display that brings graphics and backdrops to life. Whether you display a verse or sermon visual, you can trust that your audience will clearly be able to see and read the screen.

LED screen for church in flat screen


LED screen for church in Curve shape

P2.976 indoor 弧形_副本


LED screen for church fixed installation


LED screen for church in 3screens

P2.5 indoor (1)

Product Description

LED screen for church can Create an Eye-catching Stage

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