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Turnkey Led Screen High Refresh Indoor Concert Stage Led Display Screen P2.604 Event Rental Outdoor Led Screen Display

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Product Description

Features of outdoor rental led display

Outdoor P2.604 rental led display is a special LED display used for stage performances and cultural activities. Generally appeared by the rental form, so named LED rental screen. They have certain functions of windproof, rainproof and waterproof.

Product Advantage

1. Small error, zero splicing: full color led display traditional cabinet due to the use of sheet metal processing means, such processing process itself error, plus easy to deform after processing, so the error in millimeters, it is difficult to achieve the display on the zero splicing requirements. LED display leasing aluminum cabinet as a result of the use of molded into a combination of shaping and machining of the production process, can be controlled to error in one-tenth of a millimeter, it can be Zero splicing requirements.

2. Fast installation: due to the cabinet for the aluminum structure, lighter weight, higher precision, easy and fast disassembly, technicians can be within a few minutes of a single box splicing, greatly reducing the installation and disassembly time, saving labor costs and expenses.

3. Light weight, thin structure: rental led display panel light weight, thin structure, with lifting and quick installation function, so as to comply with the requirements of the rental occasions such as rapid installation, dismantling and transportation requirements. Easy to load and unload, release easy to operate, the whole screen loading and unloading by fast bolts to fix and connect, can be accurate and fast frame screen and dismantle the screen, and can be put together in different shapes to meet the requirements of the scene.

4. Unique technology: unique welding process optimized structural design, to avoid frequent handling of electronic products caused by poor contact with the solder joints resulting in failure and other conditions.

Technical Parameters

Pitch Size


Module Size


Module Pixel(dots)


Pixel Configuration

1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue SMD 3-in-1

Color scale


Pixel density

147456pixels/square meter

View angle(H/V)



≥5500cd/square meter

Brightness adjustment

64 level automatic or manual

View distance


Power consumption

100-1200W/square meter

Net weight

30kg/square meter

Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Out of control dot


Whole Display Flatness

≤1mm Juncture

Exchange frame speed

>150frames per second

Refresh frame frequency


Control distance

120m (without repeater), single mode fiber:20km, multi mode fiber: 500m


110V/220V±15% 50160Hz

Operating system

Windows series

Drive mode

constant current driving, 1/21 scan

Display mode


Protection Level


Maintenance way

Rear access

Accepting signal

PAL/NTSC/SECAM,S-Video;VGA;RGB;Composite Video;SDI

Product Uses

The P2.604 event led screen in the field of major applications more and more play an important role, after all, it can be real-time, synchronous, clear information dissemination way to play a variety of information, its color fidelity, adaptability. The exterior led display common application scenarios are as follows:

1. Stage performances in the field: all kinds of concerts, cultural evenings, opening ceremonies and other activities.

2. Automobile car show field.

3. The field of television broadcasting: television studios and television broadcasting and other large-scale activities.

In addition to the above, the large led display can also be widely used in hotels, schools, singing and dancing activities party, all kinds of conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-purpose halls, meeting rooms, interpretation halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, TV spring gala, important cultural activities in provinces and cities, and other places.

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