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P3 Outdoor High Brightness Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor P3 full color LED display screen with a dot spacing of 3.076mm, high brightness, waterproof, and computer synchronized display. It can play videos, pictures, text, and other information, and is widely used in schools, squares, streets, and other places. It is currently a mainstream product in the LED display screen market.
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product details

P3 Outdoor High Brightness Advertising LED Screen






Product Advantages

1、 P3 Outdoor LED display screen has high brightness, with a general brightness of 5500cd and a maximum brightness of over 10000cd. It can be clearly visible even under strong light, and the display effect is good.

2、 Big led screen adopts a waterproof and dustproof design, with strong UV resistance and a protection level of IP65 or above. It can withstand various adverse weather conditions such as rain, frost, strong winds, etc.

3、 Energy conservation and environmental protection. LED beads have a long lifespan and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, meeting environmental requirements. Due to significant changes in brightness in the day and night environment, energy conservation and emission reduction can be achieved by automatically adjusting the brightness of the LED display screen.

4、 Long service life, under appropriate current and voltage, the service life of a typical LED can reach 100000 hours. Considering the different usage environments of digital led display screen and the influence of environmental factors, the service life of the display screen is generally less than 10 hours, but it can still be achieved after around 60000 hours.

5、 Achieve seamless splicing and high Refresh rate. Compared with LCD splicing,large outdoor advertising led screen will not have gaps, and the displayed effect is more beautiful. Moreover, outdoor LED screen has a higher refresh rate, and the entire screen display is more exquisite, and the overall visual effect is more shocking and gorgeous!

Technical Parameters

Pitch Size
Pixel density
105625pixels/square meter
Module size
Cabinet size
Module Pixel(dots)
≥5500cd/square meter
Screen viewing angle
≥ 160 degrees
Maximum starting power
≤ 1000W/㎡
Average power consumption
≤ 120W/㎡
Frame switching frequency
≥ 60 frames/second
Refresh frame frequency
110V/220V±15% 50Hz/60Hz
Operating humidity
Working temperature range
-20-40 ℃
Control method
computer control

Product Uses

1. Advertising field: outdoor billboards, billboard stations, large advertising display areas, etc.

2. Commercial center: advertising of shopping malls, shopping centers, commercial streets, etc.

3. Entertainment venues: outdoor cinemas, concerts, sports events, entertainment venues, etc.

4. Transportation: Timetables and information for bus stop signs, subway stop signs, train stations, airports, etc

Display, advertising, etc.

5. Building exterior walls: Advertising and publicity for large building exterior walls, commercial building exterior walls, etc.

6. Urban roads: road condition information, driving safety tips, public welfare promotion, etc.

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1.How can I get the price?

-We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

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2. Can I buy samples placing orders?

-Yes, your sample orders are welcome, after checking our quality and service, we are confident that you will come back for your future orders.

3.What is your lead time?

-It will take 15-20 working days. Depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.

4.What is your payment term?

-T/T,Western Union,and L/C.This is negotiable.

5.What is the shipping method?

-It could be shipped by sea.Please confirm with us before placing orders.

6. How about your warranty?

-Our warranty is 2-3 years, and in addition, we will have a professional after-sales service team online to answer your questions.

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