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P8 High Brightness Customized Advertising Led Screen

P8 outdoor full color LED display screen, with a dot spacing of 8mm and 15625 dots/square meter, high refresh rate, waterproof and sunscreen, recommended viewing distance of over 15 meters, suitable for screens with an area of over 50 square meters, widely used in schools, squares, street advertisements, and other places
  • P8

  • Chee Chuang

  • 8528591090

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product details

P8 High Brightness Customized Advertising Led Screen




Product Advantages

1、 P8 Outdoor LED display screen has high brightness, with a general brightness of 5500cd and a maximum brightness of over 10000cd. It can be clearly visible even under strong light, and the display effect is good.

2、 Big led screen adopts a waterproof and dustproof design, with strong UV resistance and a protection level of IP65 or above. It can withstand various adverse weather conditions such as rain, frost, strong winds, etc.

3、 Energy conservation and environmental protection. LED beads have a long lifespan and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, meeting environmental requirements. Due to significant changes in brightness in the day and night environment, energy conservation and emission reduction can be achieved by automatically adjusting the brightness of the LED display screen.

Technical Parameters

Pitch Size
Pixel density
15625pixels/square meter
Module size
Cabinet size
Module Pixel(dots)
≥5500cd/square meter
Screen viewing angle
≥ 160 degrees
Maximum starting power
≤ 1000W/㎡
Average power consumption
≤ 120W/㎡
Frame switching frequency
≥ 60 frames/second
Refresh frame frequency
110V/220V±15% 50Hz/60Hz
Operating humidity
Working temperature range
-20-40 ℃
Control method
computer control

Product Uses

Use for billboard stations,outdoor cinemas, concerts, sports events, entertainment venues, airports, ect

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