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Portable Led Screen Super Slim Digital Advertising Player P2 Poster Led Screen Display For Advertising

P2 indoor LED Poster is typically used to play video advertising in shopping mall, restaurant, meeting room, shops, store, airport, hotel, cinema, home, expo center.  The screen size is 640mm*1920mm, 320*960pixels, it' s light weight, portable. It plays high quality images & videos.
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Product Description

Features of led poster display

P2 Led poster screen is an advertising device that uses LED display technology. Compared to traditional posters, it incorporates the advantages of modern technology and utilizes LED dot matrix display screens for advertising, information, and other promotional displays. It can be remotely controlled by a computer, connected to WiFi or USB on a mobile phone.

There are various ways to play portable led screen: in some cases, they play independently without interfering with each other; In some occasions, synchronous playback can provide a more stunning display effect; Some require splicing and playback, allowing multiple display programs to be spliced into one screen. Satisfied more application scenarios.

P2.5 indoor led poster


Product Advantage

1. Ultra thin and lightweight: Led commercial poster display adopts the latest technology for engineering design to make it smoother and slimmer. It is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, making the weight of the entire poster frame less than 35kg, making it convenient to carry and easy to install.

2. Easy to replace content: led digital poster display machines can replace and update content through computers, USB, WiFi, and other means. Different advertising content can be changed according to needs, improving the flexibility and efficiency of advertising placement.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: The digital screens machine adopts LED dot matrix display technology, which has the characteristics of low power consumption. Compared with traditional posters, it has lower energy consumption and reduces paper consumption, making it more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

4. High definition: The LED poster display adopts a high-density LED dot matrix display screen, which can display extremely clear image and text effects, making the content more vivid and vivid, and the effect more shocking.

5. Durability: Led advertising screen adopts high-quality LED dot matrix display screens and a sturdy and durable housing design, which has a long service life and good seismic resistance and compression resistance, making it suitable for various indoor and semi outdoor environments.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters

Pitch Size

2 mm

Module Size


Screen Pixel(dots)


Pixel Configuration

1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue SMD 3-in-1

Color scale


Pixel density

250000pixels/square meter

Cabinet size



≥800cd/square meter

Brightness adjustment

64 level automatic or manual

Power consumption

100-1200W/square meter

Net weight

40kg/square meter

Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Life time


Driving method

1/40 scan

Refresh frame frequency



110V/220V±15% 50Hz/60Hz

Product Uses

P2 indoor LED Poster is typically used to play video advertising in shopping mall, restaurant, meeting room, shops, store, airport, hotel, cinema, home, expo center.

1. Supermarket department stores and shopping centers: LED poster screens can be directly applied to various areas of supermarkets and shopping centers in the form of vertical installation. LED poster screens can present information such as new product launches, discounts and promotions, point redemption, and event warm-up, making it easier for consumers to establish a clear understanding and bring a more intuitive and shocking visual experience.

2. Brand counter and specialty store: LED poster screen is lightweight, making it easy for counter and specialty store staff to flexibly move and adjust according to the actual application needs of the scene

3. Activities and performances: Business conferences are an indispensable and important component of today's era, such as investment fairs, channel conferences, press conferences, industry exchange conferences, etc.

4. By placing the LED poster screen at the entrance of the venue, it can flexibly present information such as welcome posters, business conference themes, dissemination of new products, and meeting precautions, bringing a good visual experience while also facilitating the establishment of clear cognition among attendees

Company Profile

Qichuang was founded in 2005 and is one of the largest and most professional LED display manufacturer in Guangzhou.Our company is an integrated service provider in the LED display industry,offering mainly turnkey solutions to customers on LED display applications.

Qichuang achieves ISO9001, CE, ROHS, FCC, CCC. CB certificates. With features of stability,high resolution, vivid color,long life-span, power saving and cost saving. We have high reputation among domestic and overseas customers.

Qichuang Exported to 100+ countries and regions such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Italy , Germany France, Poland, Russia, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Saudi, Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia. Nigeria, Ethiopia,South Africa,etc.

Qichuang LED displays are shining in outdoor advertising bilboards/ business centers/ shopping malls/sport stadiums /indoor &outdoor stages/ exhibitions/ TV stations/ traffic signs and so on

Qichuang company 1




1.How can I get the price?

-We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry(Except weekend and holidays).

-If you are very urgent to get the price, please email us or contact us in other ways so that we can offer you a quote.

2. Can I buy samples placing orders?

-Yes.Please feel free to contact us.

3.What is your lead time?

-It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.

4.What is your payment term?

-T/T,Western Union,and L/C.This is negotiable.

5.What is the shipping method?

-It could be shipped by sea.Please confirm with us before placing orders.

6.How about your warranty?

-Our warranty is 2 years, and in addition, we will have a professional after-sales service team online to answer your questions.

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